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If you take will list the most popular topics at the moment, it is safe to choose one. This is the theme of walking dead, or as they are called zombies. Subject simply zaplesnula world about three years ago and has not let go of his popularity. Its peak is still probably not even hit, because the number of TV shows and movies about zombies is only growing. Fantasy writers simply do not know the limit. So, people want more and more of everything connected with the zombies. The cult of zombies has reached unprecedented popularity until today. Around the world, zombies are organized festivals, film companies throw other projects that would remove zombie movies. Soaps, which already exists, and so few are replenished with new episodes every day. The most popular movies of the type "Resident Evil" or "Night of the Living Dead" is not out of the memory of the fans of zombies. So why do people like this topic? Perhaps because many in the soul is the desire, what would come of such an apocalypse, and then everything will be different. People are so fed up with this whole routine of the problem. That they are willing to give up all the benefits of civilization and fight zombies, but it was not all that. And the idea of ​​survival in a world full of walking dead is haunted by many minds. Scientists have even argued that there is a possibility of such an apocalypse, after all were found confirmation of similar things in ancient times. But this is only a theory that is so interested fans. And we're going to look at the world more realistically. Indeed, in the age of computer technology, you can simply turn to a zombie game. After all, games and shooting zombies were created that would give vent to emotions and plenty to shoot at zombies. Among these games are already created whole ratings. They are all very popular. Well, on par with such popular games appeared less heaped online zombie game. They represent a different caste, and set up a temporary time of the. It is natural that there will be no sharp graphics and clever levels. But the crowd of zombies, a variety of weapons and a variety of cards we will be happy to provide. Zombie games online in the first place will appeal to those who are fed up with all heaped up the game, and want something new. So, it is here you will find a varied range of flash games about zombies. You can destroy the zombie hordes, not letting them get to you, or performing other purposes. Now you'll be one-on-one with hundreds of the walking dead, and only in your hands the most valuable - your life, and you're all right to fight for it with all means available.

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