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History is a word with so many hidden secrets and realities. Knowingly make history, to teach in each institution. Some of it is madly in love, and they dedicate her life. Others refer to it calmly. But, at least, historical legends that neither proved nor disproved, have always attracted the audience. Even the legends of dragons now considered not so and fiction, and some argue that it was the only surviving species of dinosaurs. Same stories about brave knights and princesses like absolutely any audience. Those ancient times, when wars were commonplace, and the kings lived in castles and much we have eaten in memory. It is these majestic buildings so striking even now. After all, many of them are so strong that survived to our times. It seems to be a few hundred years ago there lived a king with his family and servants, but now it's a museum or public interest. Castles were built with the Ra account to withstand a siege and attack enemies. So in the history of locks that might have been over the years to keep the enemy and prevent him from entering the city. Such strength earned legendary fame, and to this hour to make movies, and books are the heroes. The fact that the locks are used in other industries, such as tourism, games and movies is no longer news. For example, the idea of ​​the game locks arose quite spontaneously. In fact, you can think of with the usual structure? But it turned out that the imagination of the developer knows no boundaries, and there are very different kinds of game locks. Online game locks provide an opportunity to meet with those at any time and in any place. Many may not have heard of this kind of games, and now you can not hearsay, and live to see that none of the are. So in the game locks you may like to tear down the castle with various weapons, and pursue it detuned or reconstruction. You are the king of your castle, fully decide his fate and run it. Locks are often used as a building that must be destroyed, that would achieve the main goal. They often will be located enemies that need to be destroyed, and the lock will be good shelter for them. So, the game locks you should walk carefully to try to achieve that goal, because you are not in front of what may be a house, but a castle with a very strong walls, and tall Moors. Or you can decorate or try to build a castle of their dreams, as many dream of a big house. And then before you have the opportunity to take possession of the whole castle!

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