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If you start a conversation with gamers on the most popular games, it is possible for a very long time to be drawn into the dispute. And to simply point to the subject. And they will have to continue it. Every gamer has their own preferences and favorite games. And at first glance may seem to others, what they might find? For all humans are a variety of flavors, and that's why the games will be a significant difference. But still there are some games that have earned their popularity and many avid gamers, regardless of taste will say, "Yes it is a legend, which I would love to play again." And not only gamers, but also ordinary gamers aware of such legends. At the time of each game had its own such. And they are present in every genre. For example, in the world gonochek NFS series is incomparable to anything else. In the games of the strategic plan, absolutely everyone has heard about the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic, which does not match is no other strategy game. These legends can be called for each genre. And there are some games that do not fade over the years and enjoy their popularity. Probably many people already come to mind, such a funny and popular game like worms. Or simply worms. When the first samples of this game have been published, they made a splash, everywhere and was just a rumor about these warlike worms. Play different versions of Worms did not bother anyone. This game simply could not get bored. It seems to be a simple idea, nezateylevaya graphics, and such a wildly popular. But it is in the idea of ​​the wings and the whole point. Connecting these components was simply brilliant. The game has a sense of humor, a lot of weapons, and funny characters. This is not a serious game, but it was his lack of seriousness has acquired such a success. Is now available to play online worms. Worms play online just fun, as in the fixed version. Developers simplified the game, but left her all the essentials that liked players. You will still be able to play either alone or together, or even three. Worms game is always a legend, to be heard everywhere. And even if the will to forget about it, you need only one word that would arouse interest in the game. After all, many of those who played will not even finish before the end of this text, they can not wait to play in the game Worms, and the words are superfluous here. And, indeed, why talk about the legendary game? If it can be easy to play right now on our website, we are pleased to offer you this opportunity.

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