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Another popular part of the animated series Winx season 5. Winx fairies already so tightly got used to the life of many girls who are looking forward to the release of new series and all that is connected with this cartoon and its characters. In the fifth season of Winx happened drastic change. We still welcome the five fairies Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna. Each, of which the features on the. In this part of our fairies to fight underwater elements such unusual and diverse for them. As in most of these cartoons in this part will be present as evil characters, as well as good. It all starts with the underwater world with the ruler, who has two sons, one of which is on the side of evil. As a result of the accident he gains super powers and begins his evil plan to take over the underwater world and its inhabitants. At our site we have chosen a selection of games Winx Season 5, all the games that kasayutsya the fifth season of the animated series. They will combine the script this season, old and new characters, new worlds and familiar topics. Together with the fairies you go on a trip to the underwater depths of the ocean, get to know the good son of Neptune, Nereus. Which will assist in every way to our sorceress against the forces of evil. Your task will be to prevent the ascent to the throne of the mutated Tyranus, and not allow him to take over. Games Winx Season 5 will give you the opportunity to develop strength with fairies and fight on the side of good. You will see the new outfits and hairstyles that will arise with the acquisition of new skills fairies. Now you have owned and Sireniks Garmoniks that will give our ability to transform into beautiful women inhabitants of the ocean and fight underwater. They have given new strength and capabilities of the fairies, to fight the more powerful enemy. Games Winx Season 5 will return you to the world of magic and fantasy, and will give the same feeling as the animated series. All the benefits of the best games of this genre are collected at our site. You can absolutely free to play games Winx season 5 online. It does not require any registration or anything extra, just go and start playing. And then it all depends on you, the variety of games Winx Season 5, give you a wide choice of What to play. As in the previous genres, you can go look fairies or makeup, or go completely scripted animation and live through all the emotions that they experienced in the cartoon.

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