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What will happen if you combine a popular thing on the other? That question always respond differently. Some would say that out, of course, is always a popular and best-selling idea. Other e say that a salad can be just broke. Here, as in so much need a creative approach. The main essence of this association is to gather fans of the two genres together. But what would it become a reality. Such a move often used in various spheres of life. For example, now have become popular hybrid cars. Which embody and electric motors and conventional gasoline internal combustion engine. Thus, such machines are counting on the public on both sides. The one which like technological innovations in terms of ecology, and those drivers who simply want to save on the ever rising in price of fuel. And such new car is really in demand on both sides, the only factor that frightens them is the price, but it is realistic to expect that soon all change. And the car is not the only area where centuries are popular "vinaigrettes." Entertainment industry for a long time has come to this strategy, and the movies, and games on the full use of this feature. It should only be noted fashion, to the combination of different characters one film. Or cross scenario shows. Where the characters appear as a minor in the other. Is an interesting idea, thereby drawing to watching another show through more popular. The gaming industry also began to use this opportunity to increase customer. So took two popular brands and is compatible games Winx and Bratz. Most of us have at least heard of one or the other. First. Winx Club is the most popular girls' series about fairies, witches. Which transliruetsya long time and is very popular not only as a series about magic, but also as a trendsetter. The second Bratz - a series of popular dolls. Toys created as a competitor in the industry monopoly "Barbie." Both characters have become very popular in a short period of time. So the creators decided to unite them in games Winx and Bratz. Home games are the fashion and clothes that give these two popular brands. So you can disguise heroines. Choose dresses, shoes or other clothes. The first games Winx and Bratz fans are designed for girls who want even more. All games Winx and Bratz are available on our web site online and free of charge. Welcome to the world of fashion.

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Winx and Bratz game to play online

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