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Scientific progress increasingly pours into our lives. Over the last century mankind has made a huge step in the development of science and technology. Think only just ten years ago, mobile phones were a rarity, and that kind of thing about the tablet are not even aware. Every year the invention, all the more surprising the audience. For example, autonomous robots that move themselves, serves coffee, and remove no longer a novelty. Robotics has acquired a new stage of development, and now scientists are fighting for the creation of piece of intelligence. Typically, many design with fantasy writers create an extremely popular fiction movies. One need only recall the furor in the nineties, produced the first "Terminator" and "Robocop." With the development of cinema and computer graphics, a new freedom for realization of fantasy writers, and in 2007, the world saw the movie "Transformers." In fact it was not a script from scratch, but this interpretation and the abundance of computer graphics have been applied for the first time. Few people know that the original Transformers is a joint development between the two companies for the production of toys that are seeing tremendous success of their creations, we decided to use them in the film. First cartoon was drawn, which, incidentally, still quite different from modern film. Later, there were games and the type of film. Now search engines are full of inquiries "Transformers 2 game" and "game Transformers 3." As the world has already seen three of the film, and then the game started to appear, respectively, under each of the films. Except bulky and tough on the schedule of games of the Transformers have started to appear online games transformers 2. Who are not as smart in appearance, but have a similar story, include the same characters and are characterized by the same popularity. Play Transformers enjoy all age groups, as head of one of the Autobots and the chase to save the world is quite risky and exciting venture. Transformers games online, of course, not an audience gathered fans like the movie, but their numbers are also rather large and constantly replenished. For example, the most popular are the Transformers 2 online play, it is the second part of the fans fell in love with the most. By the way on our website Transformers online games are available for free for your use. Now you can race on a yellow Chevy Camaro, or become a "Bumblebee" and crush opponents. Transformers Robots game is another step towards the development of the world gaming industry.

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