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Today, the abundance of computers and gaming consoles to provide a broad selection of players, down from the situation was quite different. Rather small selection of computer games and computer capabilities affected the world's gaming industry. A transfer machines in general the number of video game consoles, which generally has been limited. All of this is interesting enough, but there were games, game consoles and more precisely earlier before all this. True, they are very different from today, and had just one game, inherent in the memory of a game console. Recall only toy Soviet times "The Wolf and the egg." A fun game that was in many children. And they could play for hours, trying to achieve greater results. And she's not tired of their monotony. A little later came the famous "Tetris." In the nineties he was in almost every family. It included a small number of games. But as the name implies was the main game "Tetris." Invented it, by the way in the Soviet era to our programmer. Was inspired by a different game, and soon appeared on the famous post-Soviet space "Tetris." The whole point of the game is simple, there is a certain set of different shapes that fall from the top of the screen and the need to build in a line at the bottom, so that they disappear and earn points. With each new level increases the speed and complicates the task. Getting to cope with it even the kids, but then comes to the professionals of the case. There were even people who have managed to complete all levels. One can only envy reaction and skills of these people. As the saying goes true aces of his case. Though no international competition in this game, but fans of her no less than others. Tetris is now available to play for free in many places, but here you will find different variations on the theme of the game. Play Tetris for free it is an axiom, because the game itself is almost never sold, and take money for this legend is simply unimaginable. Tetris porn movie gave more freedom game, now do not need to surf the Internet and find where is the childhood game download, you can just play online no shaking. Tetris game play that you can, open the tab on the site will give you memories of childhood, when you were holding this game and spread figures. That funny feeling of excitement when the figures are rising higher and higher. Tetris games online, now saturated with all sorts of new products and ingredients, but that is not lost their essence. Play Tetris game can be both at home and at work, this advantage online. Always be with your favorite game.

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