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The word taxi for the current residents of cities are very familiar word. Taxi services are used by millions of people around the world. For many, it is profitable and convenient, for others just a necessity. Reached early in the morning, or late at night to go to a night club for this purpose are often used taxi drivers. After all, not everyone has his own car, and that even if it is available, sometimes it is easier and easier to take a taxi. The first taxis were still cars, and horse-carting. At that time, their popularity has not been as high as now. After all, most of the rich people had their crews, and the poor could not use such a service. With the invention of the first car and taximeter cab popularity began to grow in her eyes. It's infancy in England and France. From there came the name "Keba", because there are called cars to transport people. Even in Britain taxi associated with these cars, and they only carry traffic. Popular topics taxi adults up to heaven, but you see there was a film "Taxi". Ordinary guy, a taxi driver, whose car by pressing a button turns into a race. The journey takes just minutes and the customer is delivered to the destination. On this subject began appearing games taxi. Now in the game you can fly a taxi from one end of Paris to the other on his personal taxi. Subject taxi picking up. Now the profession is no longer so dangerous as before, for many car owners get additional income. Many of the test in this role, or at least want to try. On the one hand it is easy like ride, vozish passengers by destination, making money. On the other must also be part of the psychology of reading and the person that he is is and what to expect. Taxi game you are given the opportunity to experience all the romance of the profession. You will take the role as a regular taxi driver, and an elite British "cab." All you need is to go to a taxi online games, and completely free to choose interesting dyal you play. Taxi will be here as regular cars and limousines, and customers will be different from each other. You can park your taxi in clubs or restaurants, looking for clients, or simply execute orders Manager. That's apparently a common profession in the game turned taxi and took her place on our website.

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