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In the nineties, along with game consoles have been, and portable game consoles which include one, or a few simple games. These include "Tetris," "The Wolf and the egg," as well as "Tamagotchi". For many of those children's Tamagotchi was something special, it was every third student, who nursed him. Children pulled the toy around with. In essence this is the home Tamagotchi electronic pet. All children dream to have a pet, but for the parents it kind of headache. After all, most of the burden of caring for them, just fall on the shoulders of adults. That and have some pets, and it's not cheap. But buy a child a toy Tamagotchi was quite expensive for many. The child remained happy, and the parents get rid of the problems that could arise. The essence of the game is designed so that it is necessary to satisfy the desire pet. It needs to feed, play with him, walk. In general, most of the things that would have to do in real life. He could even die of old age or poor care. So this is a substitute for a full game pet. For many was to distract from the child's wishes to have a real animal. Game Development itself owned by a Japanese company for the production of toys. They deliberately sought to release a very popular game. But since everything in this world since the Tamagotchi is simply out of date. And he began to forget. But with the advent of online games the opportunity to resume the legend, and there are now online Tamagotchi game. Some of them repeat exactly the old games, and are designed for people, fans ponostalgirovat and plunge into the world of the past. Most of the others have only the idea of ​​Tamagotchi, and actually Tamagotchi online games are now far exceed the original. After all, they have color graphics and much more features. Choosing a pet is very, very grown. In Tamagotchi online game you can choose any interesting you pet. These games are somewhat similar to the game genre care of animals, but here are some other added features and functionality. You will not only care for them, but also to play and do other things. An obvious plus is that all the games will be available to you at any time, without registration and paid downloads. Everything will be done online, and want to pet you! The very same choice Tamagotchi online games will amaze even experienced user, there will be selected from which to people of different tastes and preferences.

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Tamagotchi game to play online

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