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In 1930, the resourceful entrepreneur from the U.S. opened a shop selling food and drinks with free parking in their garage and called it a supermarket. Thus began the history of the known supermarkets. In 1937, was invented and put into operation the first shopping trolley. Now no one metropolis or even regional center does not present itself without a supermarket. It's so convenient to reach by car and do everything at once: to buy all the food and household and clothing and equipment, and when you are hungry. Then another, and a tasty meal. However, very convenient? All purchases you dumped in shopping trolley is easy to take you to the parking lot and load all purchases in the trunk of your car and drive home safely. In supermarkets become more pleasant skuplyatsya, they are new units, there is an opportunity to leave a young child on the playground and not worry about it because it will look for the professional staff. If you want your child was at hand is not a problem in the cart there are places for planting child, and he will go with you through the ranks of the goods, and will absorb and advise parents. Although it is likely, seeing something interesting might a scandal that the parents would surely have purchased it. So think twice, which is more important at this moment, and the supermarket will give you both options. Do you want to try yourself in the role of the director or manager of a huge supermarket? Then section supermarket mania play online just for you. This is really supermarket mania, because a lot of them here for every taste, from the small, but interesting, to huge occupy more territory. You are able to recruit, engage in contracts on the supply of goods, negotiate discounts and hot commercials, through your hands the day will take millions of turnover and profit. And all this with a supermarket mania game online, available on our website for free. Every day, you can see your profits and plan for distribution. To build a new department or to purchase before the products at a better price from you and your management decisions will depend on the structure of your supermarket and profitability. Perhaps you will discover a new supermarket or put shares on the stock exchange. Your supermarket in your hands. Supermarket Mania playing online gives you the opportunity to feel like a real businessman, owning a huge institution and also carrying a great responsibility for all of its employees.

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Supermarket Mania game to play online

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