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Legendary games available in each era. In the world of gaming consoles have their games, who knew everything, even those who were far removed from the game world. After all, gamers are constantly discuss the levels and modifications, and everything related to the game industry and the game. Passage levels will occupy the majority of calls. After all, it can tell you who won what, and how to get a particular difficult situation. Games like "Tankzors", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and of course the legend of the "Super Mario." These games will remember almost everyone who lived era of the nineties. It was Super Mario is the main and very popular game, played it all, who has ever held a joystick in their hands. Game about plumbing Mario and his adventures in wonderland. Genre of adventure. And simply, as they say "skipping rope." Main functions and features Mario is jumping over objects, or jump on them. With this opportunity and the game is played. As with all games of this period, the main purpose is to save the princess from the captivity of the villain. Villain stands dragon, who captured the princess. Level after level, our hero Marie sneaks in the end to fight one of the dragons. Several types of enemies that want to destroy as jumping onto them, and coins that can be collected. Just remember a small number of improvements. Over time, the sixteen bit era consoles retreated, and with them gone, and all these popular games. But the fans were, and thus the desire to play the game of childhood, too, was the same. Thus, emerging super mario online play for free. Play Super Mario is now possible on the Internet and online. In fact, all is as simple as in the nineties, turn, run the game and begin to roam the levels skipped. Super Mario game online for free has made a cult out of this game. Now you can find not only the classic game, and different interpretations on the subject. Mario will be performing in various roles, he even saddle bike and will race on it in levels. Themselves levels in Super Mario games online are significant changes. They changed not only the structure but also the graphics. Opponents are radically different from the usual "fungus" and "Turtles". But as they say it is all a matter of fact does not change, it's still the same old kind and Super Mario. Super mario play online will allow fans to enjoy the game as the original classics and unchanged, and those who like to experiment. At our site you can find both of them play Super Mario online.

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