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Games are based on the possession and use of arms will always be a success. People, and especially men always want to try new types of weapons to feel their strength and power. Possession of a weapon gives a sense of strength and power over what's happening around. One of the oldest instruments of a bow. It was he who gave the opportunity for a person to hunt animals, at a distance, thus save yourself from possible injuries in a fight with stronger opponents predatory world. The history of the bow has a lot of years before ers and dates back to the Paleolithic era. Next bow began to be used in combat and received an enviable popularity. In the ranks of the army, who were archers, had a huge advantage, as they could significantly reduce the ranks of the enemy at a distance and by the beginning of the melee increase their chances of winning. In this type of weapons were the supporters of the so those who do not consider a bow itself. For example, the Spartan army never had squads of archers assuming such cowards and weaklings. But their tactics and defensive maneuvers allowed to be immune to this type of weapon. Bow as a weapon no longer be used in combat operations at the end of the nineteenth century. He was replaced by a firearm, which is superior in strength and lethal range shot. Now bow took pride of place in history having played a big role. Worldwide competitions, and archery is a sport. Archery develops athletes accurate and consistent action, correct breathing. Archer concept is not out of fashion and at this hour. The man who at least once carried a bow, already proudly calls himself an archer. Have not avoided the topic and the gaming industry and we can see the archery online. Many companies provide us with the opportunity to play archery. Many games are proud name archery or archer game online game is without translation into the native language for us, they sound more menacing and interesting. But, in fact, it is all cover those games archery in which you may like to test myself an athlete at the World Championships or the Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. Take and pull out an arrow from his quiver, nock an arrow and that's already flying directly into the apple and all this with the game archery. You will always be on hand a number of games in a series of archery game online for free and without registration. A game you like, you can easily download to your computer. Choose your bow and go get a real archer.

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