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Anime genre is very well suited to the creators of games. Sensational Japanese animation characters are used to the full in the gaming industry. Developers as a basis for taking the whole plot and the main characters and the twist in its favor. I have different facts and features of the hero or his life, or even presented to us are totally different incarnation and the situations in which enters crowd favorite. For some fans of anime it's interesting and exciting. And why not try to ride a snowboard suit the main character thriller, in the cartoon, he was not engaged and there will be as pretty. Others are shocked by these innovations and experiments. However, the essence of this type of game is not to please all fans of anime is, and to get that part of people that are willing to play the game. Another cult classic anime TV series is Fullmetal Alchemist. The whole point of this anime is based on the art as alchemy. Everything revolves precisely around the techniques and features that provide knowledge in this field. The main characters are two brothers, a difficult situation, the disappearance of both parents pushing their way to the forbidden, dark alchemy. Well, as we say, worst-first. The loss of two limbs in the disappearance of the body of Edward and his brother, this is what we started the show. The aim is to find guys to return the lost opportunities, resulting in a failed attempt to alchemy. Since the main law, which has an equivalent exchange. But soon able to find out that it is possible to circumvent the law, and of course, Edward and brother could not miss such an opportunity, they go in search of the philosopher's stone and learning. Seemingly banal idea taken from the legends of ancient alchemy and its opportunities, about how the alchemists could turn any metal into gold, and they created an elixir of which gives eternal life. Fullmetal Alchemist game series includes not only the well-known anime characters and his friends, but other toys related to steel and alchemy. If you advance through level after level in the game Fullmetal Alchemist and open up more surprising and dangerous secrets of this exciting science. Inspire armor, or give his iron hand unprecedented power it for you a breeze. You need more space and more opportunities for the realization of the objectives. Whether you like anime or just decided to test himself in the field of adventure and alchemy is not important, the main thing that the game Fullmetal Alchemist give you this opportunity to the full.

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Fullmetal Alchemist game to play online

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