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Legends that go around the events about which we know is not the truth that emerges very quickly. So all the horror stories and the unknown has long been interested in the person. But legends and fictions about the events on which the person does not know all the facts or do not understand, always accompanied them. One of the most talked about stories is abundant accident, which occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This is primarily a very large scale disaster in which many people died, but even worse is its impact on the environment. After release of radiation was so big that it even recorded in other European countries. After the buzz about the disaster began to subside, began to appear the first legend. And fantasy storytellers played joke. After all, everyone always adds something juicy from him that would attract listeners. And there were stories about people and animals frosted. Two-headed dog, along with other unusual mutants running around Pripyat is probably the most massive legend. It goes the legend and of fabulous treasures hidden at the crash site. Part of it is for a true information, as people are in a hurry left a lot of valuable things. But this is no treasure and precious things just victims. Which, by the way, has long since robbed other people who were trying to cash in on people's grief. Radiation levels have not come there to normal. But more surprising, then that nature quickly restored. For the creators of the game such a catastrophe could not be unnoticed and untouched. And so came the sensational game "Stalker". The essence of the game is to stay in Pripyat, treasure hunting and shooting other hunters black wealth. Fairly good graphics and gameplay immediately nonlinearity favorite players. There are network versions of the game, where the players fought not with computers and with other fans in the same run around Chernobyl. Stalker play free flash games is something like a real game. Designed to fill a desire to play so where there is no possibility to play a full game. After all, the real game is not enough space on the hard drive and pull the characteristics are also quite a lot. And here stalker play online for free is available for almost all the people who want to be at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and shoot into mutants. A treasure hunt or just shoot it will all be available to you on our website, stalker play online will give you these and other possibilities.

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Stalker game to play online

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