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From time immemorial, men and weapons were two inseparable parts. Holding in his strong sword, baton, mace or ax, he knew that would always stand up for his family and well go hunting. These are two desires that influence the availability and creation of weapons around the world. Hunger and desire to feed his family, as well as a sense of security is the primary needs of any person. Weapons evolved along with the desire to be stronger than the other. Thus we have a variety of tools for such killings, even unimaginable how the world has survived. After the appearance of firearms need in hand to hand slowly began to fall. As a result, we do not see that modern armies arming their fighters huge swords or axes. Modern weapons require special training, so the criminal code strictly prohibits the sale of automatic and semi-automatic weapons to civilians in order to prevent accidents. With the emergence of new challenges and goals there are new kinds of sights that can be seen of the enemy from a distance and eliminated. This provided additional opportunities for secrecy and help not reveal itself. So and the first sniper rifles with telescopic sights. This weapon has a number of advantages over the enemy. For example during the period of the Second World War, a Soviet sniper killed an average of 100 Nazis. The figures are impressive and it's all thanks to his arms. But not only for military purposes, using optics, it is often used by hunters in a very sensitive and shy animals, to get close to you at close range, in principle, not possible. So you buy a sniper rifle in this store will not be able to have something to offer you a better and more humane is playing shooting games online sniper. They are designed to quench the thirst of possession of such weapons as a sniper rifle. In games online sniper shooting you can try yourself in the role of an elite soldier in the rear of the army to throw enemies and destroy one opponent after another, or to shoot back out of hiding enemies. Look in the telescope, the search target, the shot! You can become a real professional shooter games online sniper. Sniper games online are as close to real conditions, the shutter time juggling between shots, very sensitive sight, which will fluctuate, the limited supply of ammunition. All of this will make you to be accurate and focused on your goal, you will have only one chance to do a shot, do not miss it.

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