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Popularity worldwide studios for creating cartoons is growing. Huge boom of Japanese anime cartoons, American studios Pixar and Marvel are produced with enviable frequency smart cartoons. What can be said about the former Soviet republics? Here the film industry is not well developed, to say nothing about animation. During Soviet times, was released a lot of wonderful cartoon from a single at the time of "Soyuzmultfilm". They were especially designed for times of Soviet ideals and brought kindness, decency, and the idea of ​​the children. With the collapse of the USSR the company ceased to exist. Now there are a number of little-known companies that are trying to produce cartoons, most of them do almost on the enthusiasm, it stands to affect the outcome. But there are other studios for example Russian company "Windmill" launched a series of cartoons about the Kievan Rus and its legendary heroes. Subject historical pride of our nation, along with excellent graphics, voice acting and interesting dialogue captivates audiences. Became a popular cartoon and the borders of the country, as well as went to wide rolling in theaters. Another interesting project, it is also Russian cartoon Smeshariki. Created as a cartoon for the whole family, friendship, mutual assistance and support. With the support of the Ministry of Culture, they have been successful not only in the country but also around the world. So he was transferred into several languages ​​and broadcast television in countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy and Kazakhstan. Let this not be the world's girth countries, but this is a good step. Sam cartoon impresses with extraordinary characters. There seems to be normal animals, but they all have rounded body and distinguish them only features inherence each type and color. They are all very good and each series has viewers something so we do not have enough in the modern world. Needless to create the cartoon did not stop, and took his characters and made Smeshariki game. They do not differ heaped graphics or long story line, as well as all the good characters in the cartoon simple meaning. Smeshariki online games are the same kindness and positive emotions. Of course, most Smeshariki games for girls as well as the main audience but they can like other people. After cartoon is universal and sometimes watch the adults with their children. So the games for children Smeshariki primarily directed to the renewal and strengthening of positive qualities in your child. We collected a large number of Smeshariki games online on our website. This is all that you would have round the clock access to them. Try playing with these fun animal games online Smeshariki.

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