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There are games that are not originally created to make money and do not even plan to become super popular. But sometimes fate decides to do things their own way, and the case is otherwise. It would seem that, when engaged in the development of the game is not very big and popular game company, and the game does not focus on making millions, that can come out of such an idea? And many people think that the result of developers should directly depend on them a fee and when they see a profit, and the game goes much better. But it happens that the enthusiasm and the desire to create the same kindness as masterpieces game Zamora. The game was developed by a young designer in training at the academy-style puzzle. But to get an unusual puzzle that stands out from other similar games. Do not look at the graphics and sleek design, the game has become quite popular and has received several awards around the world. As in similar games in Zamora 3 you can play online, as the game is designed as a flash application. The whole process of the game is controlled with the mouse and clicks on the game pieces. Scenario is that the main character of "Dwarf" lives on his own planet, asteroid, which travel through the cosmos. But in some great cosmic day he sees moving on it is the same asteroid. The output is only one attempt to prevent a collision means available to it. He sent a rocket to the approaching planet and here begins the game itself. When you zapusteete Zamora 3 play, you'll want more. You'll solve logic problems and cost a logical chain to move from one picture to another. Zamora 3 play online, this kind of games on our site is similar to the original game. In front of you will be put extraordinary task for thinking puzzles as usual Clicks game. Zamora 3 play advantage is that you do not need a furious reaction of the enemies in shooters, or the ability to aim and shoot. You just sit, think and decide what to do in a given situation. And then just klyukaete in the correct order, passing game as a certain puzzle. Just like the original game Zamora 3 play with us you will be able to completely free online. Whether at home or on the way to another city, you will always have access to these games, the simplicity and originality are captivating enough for a long time, and you can not just put it down until you have to end.

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Zamora game to play online

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