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Assigning animals human capabilities by type conversation, ability to walk on two legs and joking gesture came to directors for a long time. Getting this type include as additional cartoon characters, which his ideas should be whimsical, fun and playing jokes on and produce pearls. This is their way of diluting monotonous pictures and captivates the audience. Then he began to notice the popularity of some of these characters over the popularity of the main characters. So began to appear small screen adaptation, which were favorite merry starring albeit short. Over time, it became clear that the recipe over the popular cartoon series should be the next take a few animals, we do have people only ihnem likeness and endow great love of life and humor. So was born a masterpiece of animation "Horns and hooves." The main characters are cows, walk on two legs, so that there is walking, they are able to ride on motorcycles and even very fond of this occupation constantly having fun, have fun and make fun of other people farm. Naturally the gang includes other animals by type of pig or a goat. Mimicry of animals may even envy because they're so pass surprise, laughter, joy or frustration. But the scenario of our heroes are waiting challenges they will face and overcome them together. Cartoon of this kind became so popular that it is based on the animated series began filming and producing various souvenirs with the main character Otis. There is no doubt that the release of the game in which Otis has played a major role, was inevitable. So began to appear more and more games that you can play this incredibly joyous creation, fun to come off the bike and Gus with his friends. And the theme of games are very different from each other. You can just go all on a motorcycle, or worn on the farm, pinning roommates. Or you can play the script of the cartoon and go from A to Z and save the farm. And how without the romance and love of the game as in the film is beloved Otis named Daisy. That he would have to save Toli Toli seek her hand, or more correctly the hoof? In general, the horns and hooves of free play will give you a number of unforgettable emotions as during a movie. You will interact with other cartoon characters, which further will bring you to a repetition of the events. Horns and hooves play for free and without registration here's what you get by clicking on the appropriate tab.

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