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Era of development has always been associated with the automation and simplification of work processes. It all started from the very first pipelines, which were invented by manufacturers to simplify, reduce the cost and accelerate the production of the product. Since Henry Ford, was one of the first people to create a garden party as conveyor and show the world that this together with the division of labor gives great results. The increased performance is only one of the few opportunities that opened the world to the creation of such an image production. Over time, they only improved and modernized, but the notion that a work is better to stand on the ground and perform only a small part of the main work was the main thing. This was the first step towards automation of all life. The fact that people do not want to do something is an engine, spoke for many economists and inventors. So began to appear different computers to make working, and eventually there was such a thing as a robot. In the film a very popular topic of robots and revealed more than a dozen times. The popularity of such films as "Transformers" is impressive, and the number of games of hundreds of robots. Why are we so interested in these creatures of engineering? Similarly, no one can answer, but their development is in full swing. Japan is probably the most advanced country in this matter. It is often heard in the news that Japan has created another robot, it will be able to serve visitors as a waiter, then moved on two legs like a human. Lawn desire of developers is to create artificial intelligence. Which itself can make decisions and perform tasks at their discretion. The gaming industry too is not far behind, the robots of the character of many games. So under online games robots you can meet the diversity of these iron men. Here you will find robots games online about Transformers and other mechanized characters from movies and cartoons. Or will you in the role of man fighting with the Rise of the Machines. The idea of ​​a robot uprising in a moment stirs the imagination of many writers. On this topic has already been filmed a popular film like Terminator. And now a number of robots games online also shows all the charm of the topic. You can lead a war against the machines and win it. Most great interest the genre will the boys, because robots games for boys is the most popular genre on par with gonochki and Shooting.

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