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With modern fairy tale animation studios moved to a new level. Using heaped graphics, and professional artists characters become interesting appearance and vivid emotion. They appear to us in new and interesting roles. And the director of such masterpieces in a new way to tell tales to the audience. Now is the time trembling princesses who fainted from one type of blood has gone into oblivion. Now the princess and cartoon character become self-sufficient and take many things into their own hands. No, they do not run to save the prince, and do not change with the roles, but the modern world and strongly turned to the tales it is not so much on display. Just now the princess and heroine can easily archery, racing on horseback, on a par with other heroes and fight the enemies. They basically have a great sense of humor and always cast interesting and funny jokes. This is a new trend in the genre of animation as well as possible, by the way, for people interested in the interpretation to match the current lifestyle and concepts. One of those catches the eye is the heroine Rapunzel. With old cartoons, we know only that it is a princess from the tower, which had a very long hair, came prince rescued her, and all end! But it's so banal and uninteresting, I thought the director! And he created a nice, not posidyuchuyu and far different from the old way of the princess. And the prince is not a prince. And petty thief was not even going to save her. Here is an interesting idea, and was made in life, and has made an extraordinary sensation to viewers. The heroine, along with other friends so loved the children that they wanted more and got it to play Rapunzel Tangled play they can have on the site. Now, long-haired blonde with a pretty face and her inherent innocence will be with you online. You can control her and her long braid and pass the levels. You will also meet her valiant and courageous friend grasshopper and its future lover. Each character in the game has the same character and traits as in the cartoon, and it only adds to her interest. As in every fairy tale in the game will be attended by the villains that you have to overcome. But we also know that the same attribute of all fairy tales is that good nonexchange wins. So here you are sure to win. Especially if you run the most fun and interesting princess Rapunzel. Her long hair will be the way to win, because they can get up miracles.

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