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Rapunzel - is the story of a young beautiful girl, a princess whose fate was so intricate and unusual, as well as its marvelous golden hair, has a unique ability to heal just one touch. While still very small little woman, she was kidnapped from his loving parents the king and queen as much as 18 years of evil and treacherous woman - Mother Gothel, which ispolzavat unique abilities girls for their own selfish purposes, imprisoning her in a high tower away from human eyes far the forest. The only entertainment a young girl alone with myself were playing with their own rozkoshnymi hair, the length of which by the way was about 70 pounds (about 21 meters), and the annual contemplation of the mysterious celestial torch which flew from the unknown but it's so interesting to the world of "evil people . " And do not know how much more of her imprisonment lasted, though cunning and resourceful and sneak thief Flynn Rider is not his way into the castle and opened the eyes of the world Rapunsel. In games for girls Rapunzel you can feel like a beautiful princess, who will live through many trials and adventures that will be worthy of it and in the end find its true purpose and true happiness in the future. Online games are designed for Rapunzel yunnyh lovely ladies who love fabulous adventures, interesting mysterious events that rapunsel full game, play that - it's a real pleasure. The game for girls rapuntse once out of prison, you can go through an incredible journey of hidden valley far into the woods, ran into a dreamy and robbers, with which it will be able to make peace, and fight with the evil Mother Gothel and her treacherous assistants. Also in the game you will meet Rapunzel funny characters occasional horse Maximus and Rapunzel chameleon Pascal, who throughout the immediacy and cheerful disposition necessarily will come to your taste. So do not waste time, come and play the game for girls rapunsel online.

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