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There are games that are called prototype. Under this name creators produce games that still require improvements. It is certain beta versions of new games that are only designed producers, and released in the general public for errors and omissions. They do not expect to collect huge profits, they are even the main objective to see and understand the market that is capable of this game. And then after the prototype comes complete game, which already are corrected errors and added the players' wishes. Deadly virus, strong military action, a number of difficult opponents such events in the game, most players enticing. Always will be the essence of survival, improvement of skills and promotion campaign. The idea of ​​the apocalypse is common to many games, it was chaos and extraordinary life situation very enticing gamers. Many like the genre, where the apocalypse comes, and then as the main character, we are moving on post-apocalyptic world, fighting with looters, mutants, zombies or not much good military. These games include the legendary prototype. Prototype game were released in different languages ​​in 2009, excellent graphics and gorgeous story, along with many excellent idea sucked into the virtual world. Passage of the game is a breeze, level by level crowd of opponents fell at the feet of the main character. The essence of the game is that a huge epidemic broke out because of an unknown virus, the main character, as expected, has a set of abilities that he explores throughout the game. He seems to be is a prototype, the weapons of the people which have increased stamina and strength, incredible speed and the ability to recover, with the help of regeneration. As expected, the game prototype, the main character is between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand the army's elite fighters who have a task at any cost to capture the main character, and the other is a strong threat Bole strongest mutants called hunters. At our site you will be able to play in these games that, everything will be online, because every game prototype is publicly available and is free of charge. You can try out different roles, will perform various missions and go to new levels. Games like the prototype as fans of the original game, and people who want to just run around and shoot. An excellent opportunity to spend time and relax with his head plunged into the role of the main character.

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