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The popularity of some games is so large that they begin to make films that are no less popular with the public. One such game is Prince of Persia. It really is a legendary game. Start it takes back in the nineties and then did not have any plot or graphics. It was a normal game along with others, where you control Prince of Persia running through the maze and battle enemies. But then, with the development of computer graphics, and it became possible to make it a bestseller. The game took just a brilliant story and good graphics. As the game progresses, we learn the story of Prince, around him, get to know new characters. Prince is aware of the nature of the environment of his father, but there is all this after all is too late. Or too late? After all, he is in the hands of a dagger, with which you can turn back time. Since then, and nachinaetsya first game Prince of Persia. Fight the enemy, stop time, doing acrobatics and new ways to combat all of this you will be able to make in the game Prince of Persia. Prince of Persia game for today account for more than five variations for personal computers, and more than a couple of dozen games. And online games are copying the original games and the script and the characters. Prince of Persia games give you an opportunity to plunge into the online world of magic and ancient warriors. You will run with the dagger of time looking for the most valuable hours of sand in the world. Here you will encounter a terrible monster, timekeeper "Dahak," which for the violation of the laws of the prince is trying to destroy it. You can choose the path of fight or change the fate. All this is in your hands. Play Prince of Persia online no less exciting than in a series of original games. Since you will be as your faithful companion and assistant Princess, which is noticeable that the prince falls in love with time. But when the time will return back, then only Prince of Persia can remember what it was actually. Fate does not matter now, because you can go back to the checkpoint and turn it in another direction. You now have the creator of your destiny, fate, or rather Prince. Play Prince of Persia and sand control is what we need real fans and behold it is available on our website online. Create their own destiny for the Prince, and go with him his life story from beginning to end. And then you can select the next game and the following story for the main character, in which everything will be in a new way and everything will start from scratch with new rivals and enemies.

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Prince of Persia game to play online

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