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Almost all people love animals. Variety of wildlife, as well due to the very diverse tastes. Most like cats and dogs, but some like wild and untamed animals. There are, of course, and people who fanateyut from very, exotic and unusual animals. Since ancient times, people tried to tame animals. Some of them he was able to tame and make home in the end we are still an hour we get benefit from it. And some animals in nature can never be tamed and domesticated. One of the first animal is very liked man, and he tamed a horse. This is a beautiful, strong and fast animal immediately caused admiration of our ancestors. At first it was used as an advantage in hunting, later used for combat and movement over long distances. Now the horses are an integral part of human life. Competitions on the type of show jumping or horse racing, breeding plants contain the entire horse. People breed new breed and watch them. They say that horses are unusual in nature by the fact that they are like no other animal of the human senses. They as well as we can cry and rejoice. Truly unusual and beautiful creatures. But since people always want something new and different, it began breeding and development of new breeds. So on Arabian horses, horses Tatar, Russian in apples. Some of them are displayed as a breed for shows where you had to highlight and showcase the beauty. Others need the spans, or work. Among all of them particularly distinguished breed ponies. This dwarf horses that have been bred for the children. It is the children are interested in them most. And there was a genre of games ponies for children. First of all, it is designed for young fans of horses. After all, the child is also a pony, it's that for an ordinary adult horse. In these games, you will be able to know these are not large but wonderful creatures. In general, of course, the genre is for girls. After all, they just love these horses, especially small and pink unicorns. Which exist only in games for girls pony. Now you can play with them in the virtual world, or sweep the field with a new friend. You can access different versions of the game pony, where you can meet both classic animals, and with the imaginary, who came up with cartoons and books.

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