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Greed rules the world of entertainment, and people back in ancient times. Only remember a great building like the Coliseum, where people gathered and watched the gladiators among themselves or with the animals. These kind of entertainment was a success even in ancient times, and with the advent of television began to be called the TV show. A TV show, in turn, began to combine other interesting things for people. So popular television show in the nineties "Field of Miracles." Bringing to the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union at least some fun and hope for the future. The essence of the game was that almost every player can win a considerable bag of money or other prizes by guessing the word. But this is not easy, but with entertainment items. So every move accompanied by twisting the drum, which had various sectors with the possibilities. All participants, in some way brought gifts for the host, and perform a variety of demonstrations. Came even to many absurdities, but, probably, like most of this and then the "Field of Miracles." Presenters knew the whole country, and even those who have not watched the show. Yakubovich, which gives the opportunity to win money, or even a car. He was beginning to associate with a man magician, because at that time no one has done such things. And for companies VIEW this was one of the first entertainment. For our own people after the Soviet Union it was an opportunity to get acquainted with the world of the West, which began masmedia bring to the masses. So since the introduction of computers in every home, and there was a computer game "field of dreams." It is almost completely copied the show, except that in could not give gifts, but that interest in it is not lost. But the greatest interest for the players it acquired with the release of the game wonderland online. Now on our website have the opportunity to plunge into the world of the nineties era to play in the game wonderland online. They will vary in design. So for some pripuschen set of phrases that are popular host said, other players are cartoon characters. Games semi Wonderland online, it is an attempt to return the former glory of this show and the game. It will be of interest primarily to those with an eye on the game at the time. But for those who have just heard, will be an opportunity to try to see what's so exciting in her was that she liked to many people in our country. Try playing wonderland online, and find a couple of words Yakubovich make come true!

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Wonderland game to play online

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