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Heroes anime is very popular in the gaming industry. This can be observed in numerous games, created just for the anime. One tkih anime were at one time a Pokémon. This animated series, which was released in late 1996, and became very popular at the time among adolescents. Anime itself is a story about the life of the main characters who travel the world and collect Pokemon. The very same Pokemon is a fictional character, a sort of pocket creature with different abilities. They all delyatsya by type abilities and species, as well as by the special devices poker bolah. The owners Bolov poker is poker-book which provides knowledge of all existing pokemnov, their ability to whom they turn to the next level. Naturally people in anime arrange fights between Pokémon and based on this the whole point of anime. Our heroes travel, catch new Pokemon, and fight in tournaments. 's Their goal is to catch all of the world Pokemon and win the title. Anime was so popular that there has been a number of gifts, particularly for so-called "chips" in which the students used to play at recess. They were shown different Pokémon, and it was very cool to have a complete collection of "chips". Pokémon themselves to the next level with the achievement of a certain skill, with new characters and new. Anime has become a whole cult in many countries. In our country too, anime gained great popularity among students. And the main Pokemon character named "Pikachu" became the official anime. Initially, the right to belong to the Pokemon yes and now owned by Nintendo, which is the largest game developer in the world. So that the input series of games called Pokémon was only a matter of time. We have a site assembled a collection of games on Pokemon. Pokemon games on our site are absolutely free and available online. You can travel the world and meet new kinds of creatures, collect them in your collection, and participate in tournaments and matches. Collect them all here under this slogan are Pokemon games. The bright and colorful characters will fight under your strict departments, and themselves Pokemon game fans of the genre will bring positive emotions. Ricochet across the game world with Pokemon Pikachu and his stunning lightning strike.

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