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We all are familiar with computer games, easily naming genres, computer heroes and villains, talk about the essence of the game and its characteristics. But do not forget we are not the usual computer games? After all, they also have a great many, and quite interesting and exciting. How long have we played chess, checkers, backgammon, or card games? With the advent of computer technology, they gradually recede into the past. But the childhood many of us went for a number of these games. Especially of them were card games, which require only a deck of cards and knows the rules. The most popular card game with us, of course, is a fool. It was his rule know almost all the people who held at least once in the hands of a pack of cards. The game itself was born in the 19th century in Russia. Initially, it was a game of serfs, who entertained themselves in this way. The very name of the game still does not have the exact origin, there is speculation that the word "fool" was one of the most commonly used swear words at a time hence the name. In Soviet times, the popularity of the game has increased so much that she was competing on an equal footing with the more famous and challenging card game "Poker". Rules of the game began to change, and a version that we know so well, this is Snap. Just for the days of the was invented about 80 species of game fool. Still, the most popular was waiting Snap game that began in each yard. Professional players say that Snap game in which they had at the event is not the same game that was originally. They need to think through the steps on the front, and that the number of possible variations and tweaks is almost comparable to an intellectual game like chess. The game has its own strategy and tactics, which are based on probability theory, memorizing rebound and psychology. Now a number of events held in Russia on Snap, already have national champions and masters of the game. The game is no longer the usual entertainment and evolved into a sport, though her excitement will only increase. In the life of the game requires at least 2 people, but on our site you can find Snap play which will own a computer. You can now do not worry about the integrity of your opponent, the computer locked up after only a fair game without either a fraud and manipulation. Snap to play that does not get tired, even a whole day, that's what you've been looking for.

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