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Freedom is a word often used in all areas. Freedom of action, freedom of choice, freedom of religion. Freedom is one of those things that is very appreciated by people. Because man alone freedom-loving creature that does not tolerate when his limit. No wonder most basic punishment for a crime it was chosen restriction of freedom in institutions - prisons. Time immemorial people understood that limiting the freedom of man, his ability to communicate with other members of society and to live as he wants, it's tough punishment for him. Natural desire to limit freedom of every kind is to avoid, this fate, and if you can not, then the release from prison. Thus arose the concept of escape. As soon as the people of freedom, which were trying to limit, there is a desire to escape from the restriction. On this topic filmed many movies as fiction and adventure in which the main characters escape from the evil perpetrators and dramatic and psychological suffering and agony showing prisoners. Legend of the genre include the film "The Shawshank Redemption" in which the main character over the years went to his goal to be free, do not despair and do not surrender because of the failures at the end of the movie, he still got the goal and found a long-awaited freedom. Also, do not obscure episode of the same name "Escape" who gained millions of fans around the world. Thus, touching people's craving for freedom, game developers saw a great opportunity to create a new genre. Escape games began to appear in greater numbers in the stores, they are based on movies and TV shows from which sketched. Online Games Escape offer a wider choice of situations. Here you will be able to run with the prison, breaking the lattice and undisturbed guards. Will fight the mental hospital, running through the corridors in a straitjacket of nurses are trying to contact you and chop substance. Or, you can accidentally get lost in the tomb of Pharaoh what is, and then you have a problem, not only how to get ottudova, but also how to escape from the mummy's coming to you on the heel. Escape Game is basically a good workout for the brain, because you have to quickly make informed decisions, and look well hidden clues and solve puzzles. This is natural, because the escape can not be very easy, it has always been associated with complications. The more difficult the game escape, the more will be your long-awaited freedom.

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