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If you ask what is the most famous and popular pirate, we clearly hear the answer - Jack Sparrow. With the arrival of the first film, "Pirates of the Caribbean" fame reckless and fun pirate skyrocketed. TA and the film became very popular. Needless to say, that the continuation of directors long delayed, and they took a series of films. In fact, the popularity of movies about pirates, and so was on the ball, but with the release of "Pirates of the Caribbean" she was just enormous. Many children become new idols, that and not only children. Actor Johnny Dep already very famous was just an idol to millions of viewers around the world. This pirate the world has ever seen. It's not serious, whimsical, always throwing out jokes, and most importantly that it is the ship's captain. This is the highlight of this film. It seemed to be quite a serious situation that can scare anyone, but it will still take an incredible facial expressions on his face. He can run away from enemies or safely go in the woods. Once captured and trapped with tranquility remain in it. Perfectly matched character for the role. Many used to think that the lack of seriousness for a pleasant picture, but on the contrary, it has given a mysterious charm. The third part of the film has acquired the title as the most expensive film in history at the time. In just rent movies collected huge sums. And the people that copy the main characters, never ceased to amaze. It's clear that the world is filled with games, the gaming industry about Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean game became almost as popular as the film. As full games and online games. Game Pirates of the Caribbean is a search engine's crowded every day. On our website contains all the best online game Pirates Caribbean. Now you can try to play the famous and reckless pirate. Go on a treasure hunt with Jack Sparrow. Furrow seas and oceans on the "black pearl" and fight the armies of the king or other pirates. You also will have to wait even more dangerous enemies, and no less interesting adventure. Pirates of the Caribbean game partially inherit a movie script, and you will see for yourself in person. Some heroes will be very familiar to you, and the mission will be similar to the original film. For all fans of the movie, or just fans of pirates, we recommend always try to play the game Pirates Caribbean. And let the winds of adventure is your ship on the new ocean.

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