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Another series of cartoons of animals, which are assigned the characteristics of the person and give them a variety of options, ranging from facial and ending charisma humor and love of life. The success of the genre signaled that the writers are moving in the right direction. For example, the secondary role of the four penguins in the same cartoon "Madagascar" where they provoked escape and captivated the audience with their funny remarks, and their sudden appearance in the final battle. With the release of the second part of the screens most of the audience just wanted to see exactly Penguins of Madagascar. Name pall so tightly to them, that it became the official such nonsense as penguins animals and cold-warm island. Then followed a series of cartoons, who told us about the lives of these amazing animals and their problems are history. Each of the four penguin are the different type of character and mentality of a very clever inventor Kowalski and ending a little inadequate Rico in the stomach that can fit a store of ammunition. Games Penguins of Madagascar is another branch of the popularity of these characters. They just burst into our lives and captured hearts. Each had its own favorite of the four, some like team spirit and fairness. Skipper, kindness to others and a desire to help a series or you intrigued not only smart for a penguin, but as a person Kowalski, personally I a fan of Rico, who set his unscrupulous phrases and constantly belches bombs and weapons just stick in my mind. Online Games Penguins of Madagascar are on our website in large numbers and for every taste. These charming creatures that you control, lift your mood in a matter of minutes, phrases and sounds that they give out to coincide with the cartoon. As saying "smile and waving, smiling and waving." Create spies and super agent of seemingly ordinary animals, that's just the courage of these solutions and making unusual and extremely popular characters. These characters just can not not like the public. Start playing online games, Penguins of Madagascar, and you will be fascinated by all of the virtual world in which they live. You will be able to help other characters zoo and get out of almost any situation. Or choose a different type of game and rush Quartet entertained the coolest penguins in the world, they are able to relax at worst save.

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