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Dolls are not just toys for most girls, many of dolls is their tradition and culture. So museums have great composition dolls of different people and different times. They demonstrate the culture and development of a country in Ina time. Many dolls have the same folk outfits as worn by people in that era. Now there is even a kind of collectible dolls, where people gather in large and sometimes very expensive dolls. They are mostly handmade, and are expensive. These collections demonstrate dresses a certain period, such as women's dresses era tsarist Russia or a series of dolls in costumes of the ancient Maya. It's a whole love of dolls that came from childhood and does not leave to this hour. Hard to find girls who do not like to play with dolls as a child. Quite often a lot of little girls dolls, each as a friend with his name and character. You love your dolls-girlfriends? Then Rhythm games for girls will be your favorite. You will be able to choose the game with outfits for their dolls - be it morning toilet, if they will be at home, or you put them in the roles. In Rhythm games for girls, each doll will have a role: one beautiful and caring mother, another movie star, the third business lady stewardess fourth, fifth doctor and so on. You figured out who today is a princess dress and how the ball will go to the Prince? But she would not go in the carriage, and will fly to the fantastic plane, where her friend is a flight attendant in a suit the color of the eye, which will you choose for her. Tomorrow doll doctor will rush to the aid of the new uniforms for the sick and of course the doll model will walk the runway. My dress, shoes, hair, agree very exciting and all that is in your hands! Dear girl, you can not just be happy for their favorite, each time coming up for these new roles and costumes, but also to develop a sense of beauty. And who knows, maybe dressing her dolls in the latest fashion, and thanks to Rhythm games for girls you when you grow up, become a woman of fashion, and can be a famous model or you will have your own fashion house. In the meantime, you have plenty of time for games, with your dolls.

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