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The world's first parking lot. What were they? Parking the future that they are to represent? Perhaps people watching from which he hails latitudes when first saddled a horse, camel or elephant, deciding to take a long trip on his live vehicle and wondered how to make this animal will not escape, and he was able to safely use it future. Then that someone's bright head, a thought struck on the location tethering an animal that will be viewed from all sides, to be under the canopy and at the same time not to interfere with anyone on the move. And lo and behold, and in fact it was the first car park, albeit not the one we are used to, but its essence, as now was about one order is the safety of vehicles. Progress does not stand still, there were ships and they also made the park, but on the water - it's ports. And locomotives had their cars - train stations and locomotive depot. It was another time, there were planes and helicopters scoured the machines air space, but parking was still on the ground - it's airports. And even rockets, flying in space, on returning home park on the land. And now you have a unique opportunity, playing online games Parking most to create parking. Online games will give you a parking opportunity to practice in the organization of parking spaces, to expand its parking lot and improve it. Also you will be able to get the hand in the art of parking in different ways, whether it be reversed or the front. Maybe try to be valet parking sideways? Not with the help of parallel parking, and with the parking brake and a controlled skid. Yes, you can try out your wildest fantasies online game parking. Where else would you dare to such experiments? In life, in the case of failure to pay for their mistakes, but here is just restart the level. Tired practice Parking, let's try to park the aircraft, engine, cruiser or even a tank. You may even feel like the owner of a small parking business, such a simulator online business. Moreover, the quality of the work will depend on your income. And can you see the parking lot of the future is both possible and likely probable that they would no longer be on the earth and in outer space - kosmoparkovki on other planets. Through the universe, and then park your intergalactic ship between orbital parking. And here you are limited only by your imagination fly. All this is one of the discoveries of modern online games parking.

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