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Transferring popular talk show in the world of gaming is visibly growing. This is a great opportunity for the creators of the game not steamed about the advertising campaign and promotion of the game. After all, this is a TV show made in advance, and take care of the crowds of fans. The main thing to recreate it and present to the public the game based on the popular TV project. Now the circuit becomes a simple waiting for release of the TV show, we look at its ratings Yee views on how much it holds in the top and start creating games. The main thing in this matter does not linger, as the majority of these shows tend to fade with time and the game is due out in time. Developers make a note of the fact that even if the game is not much like it, then on top of it they want to play most of the players. One such popular shows was and is "O Lucky Man." Show, which by their knowledge and answer questions a person could become a millionaire in just a short time. Desire a quick profit without doing hard work has always attracted people. This mania manages many, and this desire sits deep within us all. Here's the show and was granted the opportunity to win and to become one of the millionaires. Money and wealth are available in exchange for knowledge. It all seems very easy 15 questions separate you from the dream come true. Getting issues are comic character and the first five, it is not too much trouble. But here begins on the more interesting, the following five questions have been quite serious and are designed for good knowledge in different areas. But for what would come close to a million need knowledge in various fields. So in the show only a few were able to achieve the cherished figures with six zeros. Popularity of the show has led to the possibility of making games of this kind. They appeared as computers and mobile phones. Of course, they are distinguished by the main feature! If you win you will not be real money. But otherwise they are completely copied the TV show. You have the graphics and design are the same as in the show. Music and similar backgrounds. And the rules of the game themselves, and even hints completely coincided with the show. So in about a lucky play online you have all these options. Doubt then take one of the three prompts. About a lucky teen will give opportunity to be in the role of a player who is fighting for his cherished dream, to get rich. About a lucky online game in which you can have on our website, available in different interpretations. Test your knowledge and destiny, and become one of the lucky ones.

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The game is about a lucky teen

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