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The well-known adage that there are three things that you can watch forever: how fire burns, water flows, and a third thing that people define each for himself. This is true because the elements are fascinating. Originally described in many of the four elements fire, water, air, earth. All they seem to conflict with each other, so different and yet complementary. Lightness and air, and the constancy of the earth, the flexibility and fluidity of water, and the brightness of the fire. In general, fire and water, initially seen as two opposing elements. Water can put out the fire, and he in turn can turn water into steam. Fire from time immemorial admired and feared. Ancient tribes it even idolized and worshiped the spirits of fire. Ego thinks nothing of mankind, because it gave warmth and helped in the kitchen. With it, you can defend against predators. Now the fire for us to become a habit, and something quite ordinary. But imagine for a moment a life without him, would be impossible. Just as no water. After all, we are made up of seventy percent water, it is necessary for us to prolong life and normal functioning of the body. That such are the two are not compatible, but the necessary elements in our lives. Elements so interesting that even heroes have movies and games. Here, for example, games fire and water, got on the Internet in online is so popular that it is now playing out the fire and water 4 part. Play the main characters are two characters fire and water, are depicted as little man the same color. Natural light in the game is a boy and water girl. In the game they have to cooperate to achieve a result, and depending on the actions of one of another. Fire and water play online give you the ability to manage these mischievous elements, either alone or with a couple of friends. In game two fire and water are provided and a number of specific traps, so it will be for the fire pit, with water once in which he goes off and have to start all over again, and for water, respectively pits fires will be very unpleasant. Oh well thought out and interesting games and say the number of runs, and whatever you choose though games fire and water 3 though the first part they are full of adventure and these lovely characters. great characters and voice accompaniment complement the game and create the impression of an adventure. A great opportunity for families with two children. A computer must somehow divide. And one of them you take you, or you can learn both.

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