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Soviet cartoons called one of the kindest in the world of cartoons. And indeed they were carrying only instructive. And taught kindness, forgiveness, mutual aid. They brought only positive qualities in children. The whole essence of the policy was the fact that the company used to create a very decent and good people. And they are not bad at it. The most amusing and interesting among them was the cartoon "Well, wait a minute." Subject constant hostility Wolf and Hare, it was disclosed to the fullest. Although the hare was gracious enough and did not want enmity. But to show the essence of a person who is misbehaving and the consequences that it had to wait. Each episode ended with the failure of the Wolf. And the words "Just you wait." There is a certain analogy with the American cartoon "Tom and Jerry". So cartoon itself, unlike their foreign counterpart is quite instructive. It is designed to teach children that honesty and kindness is always better than anger. And in the cartoon wolf and Zaets behave more calmly than foreign analogues. They do not promote violence, and what is unreal. On this subject you can argue for a long time, but we will not. Russia is now banned from showing this cartoon, and the reason was not clear. But I have for you is the best news. On the basis of this cartoon created the game well, wait a minute for free. The games are available to everyone. And there are no restrictions on them will not. Now you can participate in the creation of his stories Hare and Wolf. You decide who you're playing well, wait a minute for free. Well, wait a minute to play for free will give you and your children continued kind and good cartoon. Only now you manage and play one of the characters. Was once had a game console "The Wolf and the egg," in which the wolf catch eggs from four directions, and sometimes there appeared and Zayats. What precisely was the first game based on this cartoon. A further positive development of the topic. And now, well, wait a minute games for free. Now kids can enjoy and be proud of not only foreign cartoon characters, and their families. A selection of games well, wait a minute for free, provided on our site, without registration and full access. Now you do not have to waste time looking for a long download games. You do not have to pay for anything. Just go to the section "Well, wait a minute" and play the good old game. By the way first clone of the game "The Wolf and the egg" Also we have on site, and even if you have not played it, you can try the game for yourself. And we are sure that what you are going to love.

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Well wait to play the game online

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