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New Year - a holiday that people started to celebrate the adoption of the calendar. Before New Year was celebrated on 1 March with the beginning of spring, with the revival of all over, then on September 1 and January 1, the Roman ruler Julius Caesar in the year 6 BC. e. In ancient Rome, the day was devoted to two-faced god Janus, one looking forward and the other back. New Year's Eve to make presents. Especially their children are waiting, and do not mind the adults get the gift. Children believe that the gifts they bring to the New Year's Eve fairy tale character Father Frost and Snow Maiden his assistant. Now playing in New games for girls, you can become an assistant to bring happiness to children and grandparents around the world. You will have a beautiful outfit, and you'll turn into a real witch. You have the opportunity to choose gifts and games for the New Year. How wonderful to be in the role of a wizard and use the computer to do bear gifts for themselves, relatives, and friends. Christmas games online is a genre of games that appreciate especially on New Year's Eve, hundreds of thousands of people to online exchange gifts, dress up a Christmas tree, or send a postcard. Internet gives us a great opportunity: to be always together with their friends, even if they are on another continent. You will be able to spend with them Christmas games and contests, and the opportunity to provide video visual contact with relatives. So needless and Christmas games that you can play from any corner of the globe online. Most of the Christmas games for children, because they are all of us believe in miracles and would await him. New online games to help pass such severe and long-reaching days for the holiday. Your child will be able to dive into the world of online games for Christmas and will not distract you from preparing for the holidays. And then you can do it by this miracle, secretly putting a gift under the tree. New games for girls discover the wonderful world of fairy tales and magic to the princesses, for whom the beauty of the holiday just amazing. They are happy to be dressing the Christmas tree, or help her mother in the kitchen, bringing a piece of the holiday itself. Games for the new year will dip you into the world of celebration and fun, even in the hot summer and rainy autumn, if you want good memories or just want to play as a family in the New Year game, then our site is for you made a special selection of Christmas games. You easily will pick up a game on the tastes and interests of a large selection of online games, and all free of charge for you. This is our Christmas miracle for you.

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