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Word game everyone understands their own way, for some it's playing games or memories of childhood and the era of video game consoles. For others, this childhood and outdoor play hide and seek by type, and other dogonyalok fill our childhood games. There is a third type is the table games, the history of which is probably the biggest and most originated many years ago. Feature table games is that for them it does not matter the age of the players. Games are so diverse that gathers fans from small to large. These may be children's games, in which you take turns rolling dice and move the figure drawn on the map, or the simple and interesting sea battle. But it can be difficult and aching, and even the type of mind games of chess, checkers or backgammon. Especially interesting are the trio of backgammon. As is well known for these games need a board that basically serves as a box to store game pieces. Thus, playing checkers or chess you use face and backgammon requires backside board. It is specially divided into two parts, and is lined on the patterns. Each player has an equal set of game pieces, they move around the game board, in turn throwing the dice. The key is to get a circle on the board and go back to his unit, so throw out a figure from the board. Another difference from chess and checkers lies in how the game is going on and win it. The winner is the one who used to withdraw its lumps out of the game, unlike similar games. History of the game Backgammon has more than five thousand years and has its origins in the ancient Orient. Popularity game took over the world and now you can play online backgammon. All the same, as in living, just sitting in front of a computer monitor. Your opponent will be the virtual machine and before you will be free to play online backgammon. Everything will be as easy as if in life you are stuck with a backgammon board, opened it and started playing, just open a tab here, and you can play backgammon online. Backgammon game variety is very large, so we tried to bring you all the types that you choose the one you like best or to which you are accustomed. The essence of game play backgammon online is that you can quickly stop in and play a couple of times in your favorite game.

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Backgammon game to play online

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