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What are the greatest fears haunted children growing up? Well, it's everyone in the memories emerge own picture, but the majority will be based on a similarity. In the very small age children afraid of monsters and monsters. But the monsters themselves have to have different kinds of characters. Fear of the dark and great imagination play jokes with many children. And their imagination creates a variety of monsters in their room at night. So stirring outside the branch can turn into a wild monster and trying to get into the house. And about the fact that, under the sofa, or hiding in the closet at night so horrible monster that is exactly sure children! God forbid, swinging arm or a leg out of bed at night, it means certain death. So funny to hear such stories as adults, and in fact if a child, and that's how most thought. Based on children's fears, namely monsters already created a number of animated films. All of them, of course, good, and are without purpose to frighten children. They are playful, fun and show us the form of monsters. Moreover, the monsters themselves appear quite good-natured creatures, living their lives, and even evil becomes good by the end of the cartoon. About podkrovatnyh and shifanernyh monsters even rent a cartoon. Is called "Monsters, Inc.". It exists as a separate corporation, with a parallel world in which monsters work. Their main task is to scare children, and it is done for their own purposes, for energy. But as the cartoon kind, and this should not be all to end, then over time it becomes clear that entertain children, it turns profitable and enjoyable. So monsters become, with evil and frightening, in good and merry creatures. About monsters removed and many other popular cartoon characters, who each year are produced movie companies. Some even suggest that the monsters themselves no less afraid of people, namely children. All these animations are very good, and are designed for young viewers. In the same way, and the game monsters that were created for the same purpose. Most of them are based on the popular cartoon about monsters, and seek to draw to itself the young viewers. Monsters game will be available for your children online, and for free. And the fact that they will give pleasure to be comparable to watching the next cartoon. In the game the monsters are the same good-natured and cheerful, like in cartoons. This means that your child will understand that it's okay not live under the bed.

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