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Game based on the movie, this is not something unusual. Almost always, the popular film being produced through the game of not less popular gaming company. Thus, the firm, though restricts players film fans, but also eliminates themselves from the risk of unpopularity game. Because of the millions of people who watched the film, most will want to play in the game proper. Well, except for one full game, released a number of online games, which in one way or Ina least repeat the plot of the film, or at least to use the main characters. Using advanced computer graphics in movies has become a new level with access to the screens of the first part of the movie The Matrix. The actors who play the main characters have become the mega popular. And their fame skyrocketed. The three parts of the movie The Matrix collected just huge amounts of money. And the cost of what would make this film, too, were marked by many to be very big. Before that, no one had any such approach to the removal of the film. This is now the films such as Avatar and others have surpassed the Matrix and on budget and on schedule, but at that time it was a breakthrough. Then the idea of ​​the film and graphics, just hit the public. The film has collected a variety of awards, and a considerable cash at the box office worldwide. The possibility of the main characters were impressive and they have not connected to anything real. War theme of artificial intelligence with the people came here to the next level. Matrix Games is not kept waiting audience. Literally zahlestnuv the entire Internet, the online games on this model. They had no replicas film. Basically, these games include one or two characters, and vaguely reminiscent of the movie. Though replica heroes, or theirs dialogs can be completely copied. The main character also can be shortened by the bullets flying it, or jump from one house to another. Join the war against the machines and artificial intelligence, and bring all of humanity to victory. In the game matrix has a similar set of weapons and other features. Graphics is the only thing that will be hard to distinguish the game from a fixed line. But with all that can be tolerated because of the large pile of pros in the game matrix online. After all, the games always be at your fingertips and completely free access. They do not need to download to your computer and they do not take up any space. Want to play at home or at work. Our site provides you with all these features and the wide selection will help you choose the game matrix to taste, or to change them depending on the desires and mood.

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Matrix game to play online

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