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The era of eight and sixteen bit consoles irretrievably gone, and with it the number of the most popular games at the time. For the present generation, many of those games do not even know and they do not know how you can get involved in just those games. But there are a number of these that have survived to this hour, and a delight and affection and current gamers. These games are not just a fad, but as an opportunity to return to the era of the nineties and play legends of the time. If you ask gamers what the most popular and widespread game was on consoles of the time, the answer will be one - Mario. Sure, the game is about a plumber Mario who runs the virtual world. More precisely does not run, and jump. Mario games have been, and will be popular. Suppose that for some Mario porn movie will be an opportunity to return to childhood, while others simply try it for a game, but people will always be. Maybe even someone will discover for the first time to play Mario online for free. Mario games online now significantly transformed. You can meet Mario in a slightly different role, or rather it will be another character. The essence of the game is the same. You run through the levels, jump on enemies and go to the castle every time. Your goal to complete all levels and save all the princesses. The victory over the dragon will also be available to you in the Mario games to play for free. The creators decided to return the Mario games to life, as in the original, and in other ways. For fans of the experiments suggest try Mario on a motorcycle or bicycle. If the die-hard fans of the genre will say that this is nonsense, for someone, it would be quite interesting. After all, the desire to experiment is in all of us. Not everyone wants to be, and more so in such a manner. Play Mario Online is a kind of a plus, because you do not need a console and a game cartridge that would go back to the nineties, as well as not have to download the game to your computer. While you have that opportunity. If a game you love, you can take it with you easily, and most importantly free download Mario and other games we have with the site. Again zip through levels with hundreds of enemies, find a mushroom and become twice or acquire the ability to shoot balls to break records and save the princess all this and more you will be available online Mario games. Play Mario game you can right now, and you'll still on the simple graphics, it's a legend!

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