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There are games that are based on legends or structures of antiquity. They carry a piece of history and soul of their creator. Although accurate data to provide the many buildings of antiquity can not none. So we know that the pyramids were built in Egypt slaves, but scientists still wonder how this could be possible. About a mysterious "Stonehenge" in general is legendary. These buildings, and include the seven wonders of the world, and all the legends of them are interested in many people. Indeed, the structure, which affects their size, beauty and attractiveness always pleased inquisitive human eyes. And diversity is impressive. Buildings themselves though are not permanent, but still long enough to stand, and then remain in the memory of many people. From ancient legends most memorable structure probably has a maze. According to legend originally, it was the home of a monstrous beast "Minotaur." And people fall into the maze, were doomed. After exit from there just so you will not find, and the monster itself is waiting for them. Over time, the maze and got another pop, less dramatic than in the legends. In live mazes were not uncommon, and were popular in different countries. For their entertainment, many rich people have built such labyrinths in their possessions. In English palaces were popular to the mazes of the plants, so-called living maze. He made only in the gardens, and became a unique decoration for the house of the owner. Moreover, their structure, and material selection was varied. They could even consist of rose bushes. Then walk on it became very enjoyable. The owner could know thoroughly all the trails and dead ends of the maze and use it for a spectacular demonstration and walks with friends. In our time, their popularity has fallen, but still exists in the world a number of different mazes, which are so fond of walking tourists. Maze game based on the actual structure of these buildings. Meaning in the very same game mazes can be varied. You can play the role of a person or animal who needs to find a way out of the maze. Or vice versa, moving walls impede exit from it. Some learned, even experimented with labyrinths. So the game is a maze in the first place is an interesting puzzle game in which you can play and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the world. Variety of ways and the breadth of choice in games like mazes you now before you open a lot of roads, your job is to choose the right and reach the goal.

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