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Genre Strategy is a special genre in which the rules. It already has a number of established rules. Which are set by legendary games. The games themselves were released back in the nineties and now only perfected. Such a long history and constant fans show the correct approach software development companies for the genre. I think if you ask any player what is the most popular strategy he would call a dozen titles. In which obviously will include game characters. The legendary game about the world of heroes and magic. Since the first of the series, which came out a long time acquired considerable fame throughout the world, and never ceases to please and to this hour. To date, comprising five parts. Play Power 5 now wondering how this game and the old-timers and newcomers, who began his acquaintance with the game with the last part. By the way more interesting is the fact that many who like to play heroes 5, be sure to try this after the previous part of the game. After all, the famous third part of the Heroes of Might and Magic will be forever in the hearts of many players. A world where fighting among themselves a few races. In each of the races have their combat units. The whole course of the game depends on the proper management and resources and the army. Play Power 5 cm so interesting as in previous versions of the game. It can tighten completely with his head in his world for the day. So interesting and popular game that she did not want to come off. Dragons and dwarves, elves and trolls. Here are collected everything unusual characters. A military leaders protagonists do them in battle. Capture the Castle and destroy the enemy army. Be the hero of the sword, or a skilled magician. It is up to you to destroy the enemy army "chain lightning maximum level. Or hit it of your soldiers. Collect the army of the same type, or enable the strongest warriors of each class and become invincible. Play Power 5 was possible even in the online mode e. And this news is very impressed all the fans. game. Naturally, the move all the subtleties of the game in the online mode is not possible. But not a bad set up coped with it, and may even not fully, but feel the impact of the original game in its kind online. There also will be a mono collect an army and conquer castles, uchuvstvovat in battles and develop his palace. All in all, a great opportunity for those who like to play characters 5. And you will love the online mode, do not always have access to the original game, and a desire to play with the fans is always present.

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