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Unusual, that's what the label get some things. Just due to its unusual and they are very popular or denied by most people. It is interesting and, in turn, is not an easy area. After all, there or like or vice versa, the other is not given. While we are all in some-what extent crazy when it touches the things that we like. That's self and who plays on what having fun. Someone would have to run but to shoot, and someone Give sophisticated puzzles and riddles. And so with this type of racing games on tractors. Sounds, at least, unusual, and in fact the tractor race routes are incompatible vezhi they look so slow, and is not intended for this. Why use a tractor for racing, if it was originally designed for something else? Well, as they say here sophisticated mind decided to invent his own way. Very widespread race on tractors were in the U.S., where there are now 22 associations tractor races. Races are held at a distance of a hundred meters as some sort of drag racing. By the way the race is also quite spectacular, as due to high power tractor easily separates the front wheels off the ground and goes to the rear. Well, Russia is not far behind, across the country are held even amateur, but competition with the participation not obscure tractors "Belarus". In some villages, it is one of the few entertainment options. After all, such as the tractor is available in every second self-respecting owner. Turns funny, flower bed in the morning to plow, and in the evening went to the races. And it's all on the same technology, the economy, however. Racing games on tractors provide similar capabilities, experience themselves as the tractor driver. Compete with other such, improve your car. And you like, and work, the game is racing on tractors and gives the opportunity. Strangely enough, but the game on tractors gained its popularity in private. Sometimes it is annoying to drive a clever sports cars and want to transfer to, something unusual. And then come to the aid of the game racing on tractors. Sit down, start his car and drove to the race on tractors. Now you are not a farmer, and your tractor is a real car for competition. Game racing on tractors will be interesting to those who simply feeds the passion for this technology, and for fans of unusual and unconventional.

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