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Skateboard is a word familiar to all of us from childhood. Probably each of us to try yourself as a skater and stand on the board. Enough not easy sport. Here it is necessary to have a great sense of balance and well-controlled legs and trunk speed, which is developing a skateboard is not big enough, and need to constantly maintain it, pushing his foot, but the possibility of tricks with this board simply colossal. Skateboard competition is divided into a large number of sub-species, and athletes go in specially prepared parks and rails and a variety of turns, flips the board in the air. Also, now rapidly developing new kinds of driving. Among them is a very popular ride on a modified board on asphalt Tracy. During these runs racers already gaining considerable speed. Even the gravel roads and sand is no longer the main obstacle to choose the size of a hill is more! Skateboard and got here, however, changed the shape and structure of the wheels, as well as the name was changed to mountainboard but the form and substance of what remained. Riders rushing down the bumpy hill on distillation, as if floating above the earth. Board they become part of the body, its continuation. It was merged with the skateboard gives the professional control of the situation and allows honed maneuvers on the road. In our country, the development of skateboarding began quite recently, but walking very confident. What show multiple competitions held across the country. Our compatriots do their best to learn from the experience of foreign professionals who have long promoted the culture of skateboards at home. But along with the fascination is a very dangerous sport. As one of the most traumatic, not all people are at risk to try your luck and try it. Very often broken arms and legs bruised ribs and sprains cause even experienced athletes abandon skateboarding. But it is the desire remains. But for such cases and invented games racing on skateboards. In them you can not be afraid for the health and integrity of the bone. Racing games on skateboards are designed to give you a piece of pleasure and adrenaline that get athletes involved in the discipline. Among a variety of games you will find everything that exists in real life skateboard. To drive on the highways, jump over obstacles, do breathtaking stunts. Racing games on skateboards will give you the adrenaline and the sweetness of victory that you were afraid to get in real life.

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