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Think for a moment, what game has captivated the hearts of millions of fans around the world? What game is played at a professional level as well as in almost every yard? Naturally this is a game of millions - football! Football is a game with a capital letter, which is a great story and its characters. Football has opened a lot of opportunities to persons who have at least partially involved in it. So the money that revolve in football, billions. Football teams are a bunch of money, players buy and sell for millions. Every now and then we hear the news that the new million deal accomplished or surpassed the old record for the price of transfer. Football players are among the richest people in the world along with successful businessmen and movie stars. In business circles and circles of millionaires has become fashionable to own at least a little, but the football team. For example, take only billionaires such as Roman Abramovich or Renat Akhmetov. Each on his football team, partly controversial but very successful. Football fans have become fans and this movement is growing very rapidly. For some is not so important was the team play as a fight with fans of the opposing team. In which they seem to be to prove his love and devotion to the team. The controversial issue but everyone has their hobbies. Rows of games a long time ago, from games consoles replenished on football. Football games were on consoles such as the "Dandy" and "Sega" and also does not bypass the now popular portable gaming consoles. Most popular was the game "FIFA 07" and there were entire championship, you're almost there with the team could perform the same action as in life. The game took on the title of the world. And they began, world competitions are held. And there the first world champion. Soccer games to play made it possible for all fans of football not only to watch the game in the stadiums, or play with friends in the yard, but also to direct the favorite football team. Play football online for free is a new step in this thread. It is not always possible to install on the computer popular football simulator. And to play football online for free you can from any computer that has Internet access. Online football games offer a variety of opportunities associated with football. Here you can hone your skills or angular penalty kicks. Or play a full game with all the rules. Can try to play or foul play by the rules. Free online games football for its large number of good choices. Pick his liking and did not hesitate to dive into the world of this popular game.

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