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An interesting fact is that no one really can tell the date from which is counting the popularity of games such as a farm. They somehow smoothly and permanently absorbed into the life of most people, that have become an integral part of the game. And, probably, and the developers did not know and did not hope for such a result. Their idea is to release a game of this type and get a small circle of people who are interested in it, but made totally different. Another oddity is that most games are becoming popular because people like to do the same thing in life, addicted to the same things as in the game. Or want to try out in a casual setting. You can not give life. And the farm people do not such and interesting things as planting and harvesting crops, breeding animals. All you can do in life and believe me, most people in this life do not love it. Remember my childhood, when many were taken to the grandparents in the village. Dig potatoes, weeding, watering trees, few liked, and for many it is still a nightmare. The only thing that then could like this harvest and the fruit, which could nakushatsya to fall off. Farm porn movie is just all of the above conditions and opportunities, so why is it so popular? Perhaps because you are controlling it virtually, that is the coolest thing that you are a manager, you do not get your hands dirty, and only click images. In one click you can collect all the harvest, plow the field, or planting seeds. Then it all came to sell and develop their farm. For waking up the interest, and it seems that the matter is simple and you are working and not working together. Online games have come a farm in social networks, where they learned about the great masses. Getting to play a game farm is not much given opportunities, but rather, they have grown to almost complete simulator farm. Now the game is available online for free farm on many resources, and in the beginning they were designed to knock-out money from the players. You could not buy all the seeds at once, or quickly grow crops. It was killing the main essence of the game, since lost interest when obstacles are put in the game that can be overcome only with the help of real money. At our site you can play free online farm. Play online in the farm may like the fans, and for those who have not tried it. You can pick up the farm to your interests and desires. Selection of online game farm is very large and growing every day. Pick up the farm and become a farmer steep.

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