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Economic development accompanies every era of humanity. Since that time, as there were the first money, there was such a thing as economics. At its core, it went from the word save, and is connected to the correct distribution of material resources and their management in order to maximize benefits. With the growth of the industry, new technologies, developing countries, there is increasing economic theories and laws. They were all designed differently to present to our world better. Thus, this concept has evolved as the economic doctrine, and the economy itself has become a whole science. Along with other specialties appear economical, which become very popular at first in the more developed Western countries, and later around the world. With the growth of a number of so there are called economic games that are designed to quench the thirst of economists beginners or amateurs to manage finances in the virtual world. This type of game was named economic strategy game. That is the strategy genre, as well as possible fits these games, step by step to develop the economy in your selected field. Before the advent of computer games had its economic games for example Monopoly have gained immense popularity across the globe. Board game for four people, which, throwing dice, you move step by step map. Naturally a large economic burden she carried, but taught to count and properly dispose of a money game resources and to choose a strategy to further the game. First economic strategy of the game is also not very unique and strong economic base. They posed in front of you with the task of making the gameplay and to invest in further development. Now the economic strategy games include a variety of sets. You can try yourself as the owner of a factory or a plant owned port or train station, or even the whole country. You will develop a technical part of its creation, and its infrastructure, to buy raw materials and sell goods or services to deal with competitors and expand the sphere of influence. In the economic strategy of the game on our web site you will be able to develop the economy of the village from zero to the level of a modern city. With your every decision will change the structure of the village, and once you decide on what, development scheme will be discussed later. Good training for future international economists or just fans wisely manage resources.

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Economic strategy game to play online

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