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Mythical creatures are an integral part of every movie or game. Almost all the legends narrated about something unusual. Most were all sorts of monsters and beasts, which are basically the terror of the people. Gallant knights were trying to get rid of them, so basically studied such legends. One of the most famous of these monsters was and is a dragon. Memories of the dragon is always and everywhere present. In China, even a holiday associated with these animals, and they are very spectacular with costumes and puppets, demonstrating the beauty and power of dragons. For them it is a whole culture, even the dragons can not fly and are slightly different in appearance, but it is the same monster that pumps a matter of respect and fear. Interesting fact that the dragons described even in ancient times, in different parts of the world, and no connection in different countries between each other was not. This might suggest a different idea about a certain creature really looked like a dragon. Scientists have put forward the theory and found it to confirm that dragons did exist. In fact, this may have been surviving dinosaurs that could fly to breathe fire. There are even entire documentaries on the story of how it could be. But the main factor here is still human imagination. After feeling the fear, it could increase the order of the dragon in two or three times, to give it more awesome view and much more. And there was leather, which can not penetrate the sword, a flame that can melt rock, and more. Especially these mythical animals are popular fantasy movies and games. Games dragons have always had an interest among the various public. In them they can act as allies and enemies. People have always sought to tame different animals, that in such games is something to tame the dragon. Because in fact it would be the strongest animal in the world, if there really is. Dragons games have incorporated all the features collected from the legends and stories, here you will find a wide variety of dragons. Dragons games will give you the opportunity to direct the your dragon, or a fight with blowing fear and terror in the surrounding beast. In this section, the dragon can even act nice and kind to animals, especially for children. They will see the dragon from a different point of view, as a pet. Or you can fly above the clouds riding on a dragon, driving them and performing various stunts. All of this can be found on our website in the section Dragons game.

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