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The current pace of development paced strides, only manage to follow the innovations in different industries. So it is with the development of children, they require a different approach than was required for us. They grasp everything on the fly, and like a sponge absorbing new information. In the age of computer technology was not a sin to take the opportunity of creating software systems for children's education, a number of tests here and multimedia tasks and the like. But all that precedes the preparation stage, the age when a child learns everything, learning and not specifically to study the subject. Scientists agreed that children learn effortlessly and acquire the most information as it happens in an unobtrusive environment and the familiar to the child. For this purpose, were originally created cartoons and television programs for the development of children. They taught the basic principles and concepts in a playful way. Many parents work and build a career in the modern world. A deal with a child too much time do not have such cases very much. And especially for them were invented by developing games and movies for children. Do not try to make of a child prodigy, making him three years to learn several foreign languages ​​and to achieve skipping school several classes at once. It's not very sensible effect on the mind and on the perception of the world. Especially for such a purpose was created cartoon that goes to several entertainment channels for kids. It is called "Dasha traveler" and has a number of names and interpretations which the main character is called Dora. Dora or Dasha no much difference because it is one and the same sweet girl, which seeks to understand and all in a playful way to bring it to a small audience. Helps her in this little monkey named Slipper, which is shod in red sneakers and a constant smile. The essence of the cartoon is that Dora travels constantly, and in her backpack, there are things that are needed for each new campaign. Is the game and sly fox named Rogue who periodically tries to spoil the journey. Thus, in the movie has all the basics for the development of the child. But this is not enough, and then there are dora games online, are designed to complement developing cartoon. We collected a series of Dora games online especially for your children. They will be able to perform tasks together with Dora and boots, choose the right items. Orient the map and recognize crafty crooks. Dora games online is something that is needed for additional development in an entertaining way, the child will have fun, and you can be sure that he is trained in parallel.

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