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Genre of children gaining more momentum. This is the whole area of ​​the activities of many enterprises. The target audience, which are small children. Companies engaged in production and coloring books, puzzles and riddles, and developing educational games. Great aspect in recent times, such companies do on children's development in a relaxed atmosphere. What could they gain knowledge, thus making it familiar and favorite things for them. Here and there was a question that the most interesting and the children? Naturally the game! Kids love to play everywhere and in everything, it is for them an integral part. And the onset of games that combine an entertainment and teach part. Good move solves several problems at once. Saving resources and energy, as parents, as well as developers. The kids just the joy of such a decision. Thus, the world of entertaining games began to grow with new and new developments, all sorts believes based on the basis of your favorite characters, or other favorite characters. By the way, most of these games do cartoons, which are also designed to develop. Perhaps the most popular of the genre such cartoons are Dasha traveler and Diego. They are slightly different from each other, so, for example, Diego worked to save animals around the world and uses with his backpack. Dasha also enjoys a backpack, which, by the way, and speaking, but she travels the world and at the same time gives the children lessons in English. In both cartoons, a number of fans. Although most of them look both cartoon parallel. So the decision makers of online games combine the two characters in the game Diego and Dasha. This is an interesting move, which is used in many games. It aims to increase the ranks of fans, and combine them into a new genre. Games Diego and Dasha directly work with each child. As in the movie, the child will answer questions. Solve puzzles and dive into a world of adventure with their favorite characters. A great advantage is the fact that the games are available on our website all have Russian voice, it will help your child easier to perceive and understand the game, and interesting design will entice a child into their world. That's using our website, your children will be able to spend more time with their heroes. And do not hang from the TV. And the presence and variety of games allow you to change them with enviable frequency, going from one to the other and gaining new knowledge and enjoyment of the game.

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